Choosing The Best Solar Panel Installation Company For Your Home

Solar panel installationA few decades ago, residential solar systems seemed like a pretty great concept. Solar installation allowed the household to be completely independent from the grid, thus sparing them from sudden power outages and increasing energy prices. It was also the cleaner alternative to fossil fuel-driven energy.

However, not a lot of people could afford the price of the system and the installation costs. There weren’t any financial advantages or rebates that could help homeowners looking to install solar inverters or panels for their home. If you didn’t have the budget, there was nothing you could do. What discouraged people was also the fact that the savings didn’t start kicking in until well after ten years of running solar home energy.

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Today, however, things are a little bit different. With the global warming scare and the realisation that we’re burning through more than the earth can replace, people are now pushing for energy companies to stop with the fossil fuels and start looking for cleaner, renewable energy alternatives. Countries now have renewable energy targets and goals to reach, and they’re offering huge incentives to encourage people to go green. With the additional rebates and kickbacks from government-mandated feed-in tariffs, not to mention financial aid such as solar leasing, hundreds of people are jumping to buy their own residential solar systems.

solar panels installationThe solar industry is booming, as are the number of companies offering pretty sweet packages at competitive prices. It’s easy to be swayed by tempting offers, but don’t just hire the first solar installer that waves at you. A little research goes a long way.

Residential Solar Systems

Given how heavy the competition is, solar cost and solar system component prices are dropping by at least $5,000 dollars. A basic 3kw solar system now costs a little over $6,000, whereas the going rate was $7,500 around five, ten years ago. Research shows that these systems pay for themselves in 6 to 8 years. After that, the big savings start rolling in. There’s no denying that residential solar systems can be huge money-makers.

However, to get the best out of your system, you need to get a solar installation company that knows what it’s doing. You need to make sure that they’re using only the best equipment available – the best-suited panels, the solar inverters, the solar batteries, and so on. If you’re not sure if the company is reputable or trusty-worthy, why not check with the Clean Energy Council and see for yourself?

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The Clean Energy Council

Clean Energy Council ApprovedWith over 550 members all involved with the various renewable energy industries available in Australia, the Clean Energy Council is a trusted trade organization that advocates policies for providers of green power. They’re the people that make residential solar installation easier for providers and homeowners alike.

When you start looking for a company, start with the Clean Energy Council. They’ve published a consumer guide and made it available for public perusal. They also provide an extensive selection of highly informative material that should answer all your questions and increase your knowledge regarding the new solar technology you’re investing in. If you’re looking to know more about solar cost or solar leasing, the best place to start is here.

contact solar panels adelaideLook for Local

With an investment this big, it’s important to work alongside people you trust. If the people providing and installing the equipment live and work in the same country as you – perhaps even the same suburb – you’re sure to feel slightly more assured. That’s why many Australian solar installation providers have decided to work with local companies. Not only does this boost the trust factor, it also helps their customers save a lot more. Local companies working hand in hand mean no import tariffs and international shipping costs for solar inverters and other necessary components, which means you get quality craftsmanship at the lowest possible price and a great warranty package that’s sure to cover you for at least 10 years.

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So Remember: it pays to be informed. When choosing the best provider for your residential solar systems, make sure you know what you want before going out there. Compare prices, check with the clean energy council, and try to get companies that work hand-in-hand with local manufacturers and installers. Give us a call here at Solar Panels Adelaide and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and give you more information when you need it!

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