Solar Power For A Greener Sustainable Future

Solar Power: One-Time Investment, Long-Term Pay-Off

There are about a dozen reasons why you should install a pv system for your home. Different people have different reasons for wanting a little free energy. If you’re an environmentalist, photovoltaic power is definitely one of the cleanest and easiest to get sources of renewable energy available. It can do wonders for your carbon footprint. If you’re budget-conscious, switching to solar electricity means cutting your energy bill in half, or eliminating it completely.

The advantages and benefits solar energy can give you are practically limitless. Let’s take a quick look at the more commonly mentioned.
Couple decades ago, owning a residential pv system could break your bank. The price of the system plus the installation costs were well over the price range of an average homeowner. Even with the argument that the system eventually paid for itself, people were still hesitant about investing that much money in something that wasn’t well-known.

That isn’t the case today. Today, the solar industry is booming. The need for alternative energy sources has risen, and solar panel system manufacturers are doing their best to answer the need. Demand is up and so is supply, which means competition is fierce. Solar prices are the lowest they’ve been in years.

As if that wasn’t enough, the government is encouraging people to switch to alternative energy by offering them incentives and rebate programs to help with the initial costs. You can even earn a profit from your pv system through feed-in tariffs – payment you receive for any excess energy you pump back into the grid.
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Environmentally Friendly
As a renewable energy source, solar power systems are in no way harmful to the environment. They don’t emit any harmful gasses, they don’t have any nasty byproducts – in fact, they give off virtually no pollution whatsoever. Absorbing heat and light energy and converting it into solar electricity is a process that is simple, effective, scalable, and completely clean.

What does this mean for you? When you use the solar energy to power your house, you burn less fossil fuel, significantly shrinking your carbon footprint.
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Virtually Limitless
Scientists predict the Earth’s fossil fuel reserves to be completely depleted in 40 to 60 years’ time. That’s roughly one more generation before oil and fuel completely dries up. Imagine your kids not being able to charge their laptops or lighting candles. The world without electricity seems impossible, but that’s why things such as coal and oil are called nonrenewable. Unless we find alternative sources of renewable energy, it’s going to happen.

The beauty of solar power is that it is, as stated, virtually unlimited. So long as the sun keeps shining, a solar panel system will be able to absorb light and heat and convert it into usable energy. The sun has kept the earth warm for a few billion years, and science predicts it’s got another couple billion more before it dies out completely.

Security From Solar Panel System

What people also love the most about have their own residential solar system is the sense of security it can give you. When you’re dependent on the grid, you’re susceptible to unannounced power outages and outrageous electricity price increases. This can be stressful for people who work at home or people hosting important events. It also greatly disrupts the monthly budget. Having your own solar system means you control your own electricity – you’re basically your own power plant. When the power goes out, you’re still backed by the sun and excess stored energy. You’ll also know exactly how much you’re paying each month. Not to mention that a solar panel system is very easy to maintain. A little regular dusting is all they need, and they’ll function for a good long time.

In the end, is it any wonder why people are suddenly switching to solar? All the benefits it can offer you – affordable, reliable, environmentally-friendly, limitless – are things you definitely need in this day and age. So if you’re still wondering if a solar power system is a good investment, take it from us: it is.

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