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Utility bills have always played a large part in any homeowner’s expenses. Light bill, water bill, energy bill — you name it, chances are it eats up most of your monthly budget. However, given the sudden spike in electricity costs, a lot of people have started looking into cheaper or more cost-effective ways to lessen their monthly payments.

If you’ve started looking into solar panels for your home, you’re not the only one. The concept of the solar panel was introduced in the mid-1800’s, and they’ve shot up in popularity in the last couple decades. Having your own solar power systems comes with tons of benefits: free energy from the sun, the occasional feed-in tariffs from your utility company, completely independence from the grid (and unexpected power outages) and so on.
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Here’s more information on the benefits of solar installations, and how they can help you fight the rising costs of energy.
Solar Incentives and Rebates
Our lovely government is going green, and they’re giving out incentives for people equally environmentally-conscious. It’s no secret that solar power systems are quite pricey, which is why the government’s decided to help out. While you’re doing market research for the best price solar panels, you’ll find out that there are rebates and incentives available to you that will help compensate a small amount of your installation costs, not to mention save you lots of money in the years to come. Australia has a renewable energy target – by the year 2020, 20% of all energy should be produced by renewable resources – which is why they’re coming up with all sorts of encouragement to help drive it.
Independence from Grid Connect Power
Installing solar power systems into your home gives you a huge advantage over people dependent on the grid for their energy. For one thing, power generated from the sun is free. Getting residential solar power system installed in your home is a one-time payment deal, where all you need to pay are installation costs and equipment costs. There’s no monthly maintenance fee or monthly dues, which means a huge deduction in your energy bill.
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Another advantage to solar power is how it’s the cleaner alternative. Instead of having coal-driven power to keep your home warm and lit, you get clean, green power from the sun. You’re basically your own power plant, which means you aren’t susceptible to nation-wide power outages. 

So while your neighbors are stumbling around lighting candles and breaking out the battery-powered fans, your pv system will keep your home comfortable and well-lit.
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Convert Excess Energy to Extra Money through Feed-In Tariffs
If your residential solar power system is generating excess energy, you may be in luck. There are regulations in certain parts of Australia that insist you get paid by the local utility for any excess energy you produce. The extra juice from your system gets pumped back into the grid, effectively reducing everyone else’s reliance on the grid and its coal-stained energy from fossil-fueled power plants. The rates at which you’re paid for the energy you put back into the grid are called feed-in tariffs. Just think; for once, the energy company is paying you. Kind of feels like poetic justice, huh?

Which is why you shouldn’t waste another second. There’s no better time to switch to green energy, so why not call your local solar power systems installer and start saving big!

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