Solar Panels As A Green Energy Solution

Solar Panels – The Solution to Pollution

Oil, coal, fossil fuels – there’s a reason they’re called nonrenewable sources of energy. They’ve lasted a pretty long time but, at the rate we’re burning through them? Let’s just say that if we don’t switch to renewable energy like solar power any time soon, the next couple of generations might not even know what coal is. Sounds scary? It is. Sounds far-fetched? It isn’t.

Studies show that our coal supply will be fully depleted in the next 50 to 60 years. They say our current oil reserves will be sufficient for the next 40 years before they start to dwindle down and need to be rationed. What does this mean for us? The electricity we’re so dependent on is run powered by fossil fuels such as these. Can you imagine not being able to turn on your lights, charge your Smartphones, or plug in your PC’s 40 years from now? We’ve been taking energy for granted for far too long now – and perhaps it’s time we stopped.

The world is now clamouring for power plants to find renewable alternative energy sources. Solar power, hydroelectricity, and wind energy are just a few examples that are readily available and can provide the energy needs of countries worldwide. They all come with their own benefits. Take for example solar energy. Whether for financial reasons or environmental ones, installing solar power systems offer tremendous advantages.
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Sustainable energy is the solution to decrease pollution and it doesn’t compromise the needs of the future generation. It is the best way to provide energy to the people because they are renewable and do not produce any emissions. Thus, they are a viable option to reduce pollution.
Low Maintenance, Easy Install
Solar products and devices are fairly easy to use and install, and they don’t require a lot of maintenance. Maybe a regular wipe-down for your solar panel systems or a little dusting just to prevent dust and particle matter, and that’s it. The most you need to do as is monitor the amount of consumed energy, just to make sure your renewable power source is working correctly.
Bye–Bye Utility Bills
For the people sick and tired of watching their energy bills shoot up every month due to the price increasing, solar panels are a godsend. Siphoning sunlight is free, which means no monthly dues or maintenance fees of any kind for your sun power. The only payment you’ll ever make is during purchase and initial install. After that, you’re completely independent. You’ll owe no one nothing.
Cleaner is Greener
Power plants and coal companies are responsible for a huge chunk of the carbon emissions polluting our Earth. As we all know, these gasses are trapping the heat in our atmosphere, causing behind global warming. Solar panels and other sources of renewable power are simply better for the environment! A regular home solar system can save well over a tonne of carbon dioxide per year. Put it into perspective; let’s say your solar system lasts 30 years. In those 30 years, you’ve successfully prevented 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. How’s that for “doing your part”?
Drive up Market Shares
Say what you will about them, but more and more environmentalists are popping up with green-minded movements and petitions to save the Earth. From little things like cutting down their carbon footprint to all-out events like organising a fun run for the turtles, fact of the matter is that there are so many environmentally-conscious people around today who will do anything to get their message across.
What does solar power mean for your home?
It means that advertising your house and mentioning its pre-installed home solar system will definitely make it more appealing than the ones without. People looking to buy will love the fact that they can take advantage of your household’s grid independence, plus the huge savings they can rake up every month. Market research shows that houses with solar panel systems are valued at $20 more per dollar they can reduce from the monthly utility bill.

Even if our fossil fuel reserves are being depleted and our environment is slowly being damaged, there’s still hope. Switching over to renewable sources of energy is the greener, cleaner, and more effective alternative. Residential solar systems are the first step to a more sustainable energy system. It means more security from sudden power loss, less expenses for monthly utilities, and a healthier immediate environment around you.

Having your own solar power system leads to so many benefits. It doesn’t matter if it’s the money you’re after or the promise of smaller carbon footprint. This is the solution to pollution. For more of the benefits you get from installing a solar panel system, call Solar Panels Adelaide now and feel free to discuss with us.

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