So Many Solar Companies, So Little Time

Solar companies to chooseWith the sudden spike in pollution triggering the rise of movements clamoring for greener solutions, is it any wonder why solar products are selling like hotcakes these days? Even if it’s not purely for environmental reasons, everyone can see the advantages of getting off the grid. It means fewer bills to pay, no more surprise power outages, and awesome rebates and feed-in tariffs. However, with so many new solar companies popping up, how does a consumer know which producer, manufacturer, distributor, and installer to go for? Don’t despair – let us point out some of the key factors to look in to when deciding which company gets to supply all your solar needs.

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Education or Hard-Hitting Sales Tactics?

No one likes a shady salesperson. Companies that offer you the “all new”, “latest”, or “state-of-the-art” solar panel systems without even asking about your specific needs are usually just looking to make a quick buck. They’ll assure you that the components are worth the price since they’re the best in the market right now. What you need to realize is that you’re not looking for the best in the market – you’re looking for the best solar panels for your home. Reputable, trustworthy solar companies believe in educating their customer. Instead of immediately dragging you to look at the latest solar products available, they would much rather discuss your specific needs and requirements and then make rough calculations to determine which system fulfills your specifications. You’ll know you’ve chosen the right solar panel installer when they ask you questions and then give you information based on what you tell them.

Rebates, Finances and Incentives

Australia is aiming for a renewable energy target of 20% bySolar energy rebates 2020 – meaning 20 percent of the country’s power should be provided by renewable energy sources. To help drive that target, they’re offering a lot of rebates and incentives to encourage people to cut with the fossil fuel and go clean and renewable. Good solar companies are updated with the best information and most recent rebates offered by the government, and they should be able to tell you which ones you qualify for. Organizations like the Clean Energy Regulator and Clean Energy Council work closely with solar products providers. If the company you’re looking at is partnered with them, that should give them bonus points in your book.

But the government isn’t stopping at rebates. They’re also creating multiple other opportunities to finance your own solar system – low or non-existent interest rates, feed-in tariffs, and so much more. After a couple decades of false starts and erratic  activity, the market is finally starting to look up for solar-powered systems.

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Compare Installations Costs

It’s marketing 101 – once supply goes up, prices go down. Companies will constantly be competing with one another in terms of packages, systems, and prices. So it pays to shop around a little and compare prices. You’ll want a competitive package price that comes with a really hard-to-beat service plan. Just to put things in perspective, the average 3kw solar system has dropped from around $7,500 to a whopping $6,000 over the last couple years. This is mostly due to multiple solar companies popping up and trying to claim the industry. If this trend increases, you can expect the cost of solar products to only go lower.

Solar Panel Leasing for those Without Credit

As if the government-mandated rebates and incentives weren’t enough, the industry has just recently introduced Solar Panel Leasing. This allows homeowners to install solar panels in their home, free of charge. Once the initial solar installation is done, the homeowner then enrolls in a number of programs to pay off the costs without any extra solar panel leasingpressure on the bank account. The programs depend on the solar companies. This option is definitely best for those who want to switch to renewable clean energy now but don’t have the budget to do so or don’t qualify for solar panel financing.

With all these financial options available, is it any wonder why people are jumping on the solar system bandwagon? All the rebates, incentives, and kickbacks seem pretty lucrative for anyone tired of paying huge electricity bills, and being spared from sudden power outages definitely seems like a godsend. If all these benefits are starting to look good to you, why not start looking into a solar panel installer. Give a company a company like Solar Panels Adelaide a call. You’ll be enjoying emissions-free, low-cost, highly-renewable clean solar energy in no time at all.

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