Solar Installers Seek Worthy Homeowners

Solar Panel Installer Seeks Worthy Homeowners

Clean Energy Council Offers Resources to Help Find Solar Installers

Australia’s government has set themselves a worthy goal – to reach its renewable energy target of having renewable sources be responsible for 20% of all power generated by 2020. 

Given this, there have been many people becoming involved in the solar panel installer game, offering services for both commercial and residential clients. 

Also, this goal has led to the creation of the Clean Energy Council, which is a trade organization with more than 550 members at last count – all dedicated to providing the best information about, and the best resources for, renewable energy sources.
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Finding and Deciding on The Best Solar Installer

Some of the most important businesses in the renewable energy industry are also part of the Clean Energy Council, and they’ve put together a vast amount of necessary and useful information that covers everything from where and how credits and incentives will be applicable, to types of pv systems. Among the pieces of information essential for a home owner or business owner is a consumer guide to renewable energy sources, which includes important data on selecting solar installers.

As one of those highly important organizations in the industry, the CEC has also compiled a number of certification programs to ensure industry-related excellence. When you deal with a CEC-accredited installer, you are assured that the company you’re working with has been checked against the industry’s utmost expectations, to ensure both accuracy and safety.
Commercial Solar Panel Installer
When selecting commercial solar installers, you need to find a company familiar with commercial solar panels, which are typically made of extremely durable material and are capable of high wattage output. The same company also needs to be experienced in assessing the needs of a manufacturing outfit or some other large facility.

The Clean Energy Council will be able to provide you with solid guidance when it comes to selecting the best solar installer for your needs. The savings that can be had when switching to green energy are quite significant – the food industry, for example, attributes a full 15% of its overhead to electrical costs. For an industry that regularly generates several billion dollars a year in terms of revenue, that amounts to millions of energy dollars saved.
Residential Solar Panel Installer
It’s no surprise that residential solar panel installation is currently in the lead in the industry, due to the number of installations being done. Residential needs practically make up the lion’s share of energy consumption all across Australia. Thus, residential installation may well be the only hope for reaching the government’s renewable energy target. There are heaps of solar installers out there, so you want to ensure that the company you plan to work with has been certified by the Clean Energy Council, for their work on residential projects. After all, you want to make sure that any work done on your home is carried out correctly and safely, to protect your family – the most valuable asset you have.
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Regardless of the type of solar panel you need for your home improvement, the Clean Energy Council’s assistance and resources will be invaluable to choosing the right one for you. 

Solar Panels Adelaide has consistently been certified throughout the years, and is dedicated to providing customers with the education they need to ensure that whatever system you get is the one you need for that ultimate home improvement. Contact our expert solar installers today for a totally free, no-obligation quote on our professional services.

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