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With the Earth’s fossil fuel reserves gradually depleting every year, scientists predict that it won’t be long before we completely burn through our supply. There’s a reason coal and oil are called nonrenewable, and it definitely has something to do with time. Unless we make the switch over to renewable green power soon, we’re not going to have energy at all after 40 or 60 years.

That’s why so many people are stepping up and installing residential solar power systems. Solar panel production and sales have skyrocketed over the last few years, and research shows they’re going to keep climbing. The only thing not going up would be the prices – the market is intense right now, and companies are going to do everything they can to get your business. 

If it means dropping their prices to an all-time low, it’s definitely not a problem from them. With solar panels, home owners can now enjoy huge monthly savings, security, attractive government incentives, and more!
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Solar Rebate Programs
The solar system alone costs quite a bit of money, but what really adds on to the solar costs are the installation fees. Thankfully, that’s not too big an issue today. Call in any local solar company for a free solar estimate, and they’ll be happy to let you know that the Australian government is offering incredible incentives and solar rebates just to offset the installation costs. What’s more is the new various payment options that enable you to pay for your system in installments, with zero interest too boot!
Get Paid By The Power Company
It’s a bit of poetic justice, if you think about it. After years of paying their overpriced bills every month, you can finally turn the tables on your local electricity company. For people whose solar power systems generate excess power, they can pump that extra juice back into the grid and earn feed-in tariffs – the utility company will basically pay you for the solar electric energy your system produced.

When you take into account the profit you’ll earn plus the amount you’ll save every month against the solar estimate given to you by your solar company, you’ll start to see what they mean when they say a solar panel system pays for itself.
Solar Security
Let’s be honest: in this day and age, electricity isn’t an option anymore – it’s a necessity. We live our lives constantly plugged in. Therefore, it’s a bit of a bummer when a sudden unannounced power outage strikes. For people hosting events, it’s more than a little embarrassing. For people who work from home, it is extremely frustrating.

When you have a residential solar power system installed, you won’t have to worry about that ever happening to you. You’re backed by the sun’s never-ending energy and solar batteries storing excess energy. When your house is powered by solar electric power, you just generally feel safer knowing that all your energy needs are completely covered.

So, let’s recap: once you crunch the numbers, you’ll find out that solar electricity costs much less than staying connected to the grid – even with the component prices plus installation fees. Not to mention the fact that your home becomes a power plant generating pollution-free energy 24/7.
You’ll also get to earn through this renewable energy venture if you so wish, and you have the added bonus of keeping your lights on and your house powered up even while the whole neighborhood is experiencing a power outage. With benefits like these, who wouldn’t be tempted to go green? Why not take that step? Call Solar Panels Adelaide now for your free solar quote and estimate and begin your life-changing journey in solar power, today!

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