Solar Energy Rebates

Solar Power Rebates – How Do I Qualify?

The Australian government has set a goal for Solar energy rebatesthe country to hit 20% by 2020 – meaning 20% of the country’s energy should be supplied by renewable energy sources by the year 2020. In order to hit that goal, they’re encouraging homeowners to switch to residential solar systems for their power – and they’re offering fantastic solar power rebates and other incentives. The program you can qualify for usually depends on your installation company, but there are several options readily available via a solar credit system.

What are Solar Credits?

  • 1 credit per 1 megawatt of electricity
  • Can be traded between businesses and the government – like a commodity
  • Vary in value
  • Dependent on the solar energy amount usually generated in your location
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What Do I Do with Them?
Solar credits are used to determine the amount of rebate you will receive of installing your own solar system and using the clean, renewable sun energy to power your property or building. Think of the rebates as an incentive from the government for helping drive the country one step closer to the 20% by 2020 goal.
Why are Solar Energy Rebates Important?
Aside from the payment plans and options that will help you divide the initial payment into multiple ones that are easier to meet, you’re going to want every financial help you can get when investing in solar power system. It’s definitely worth it to have your own controllable power source, but the prices upfront can be a little overwhelming. Component prices alone will range in the thousands, not yet counting the installation and other miscellaneous fees.

You’re going to want to take full advantage of the solar energy rebates while you can to enjoy your solar-powered benefits and offset some of the initial solar costs. Who doesn’t like saving a couple of bucks when possible?
Will My Property Qualify for Rebates?
As long as it’s a permanent building connected to standard power lines, it will qualify for a solar power rebate. This is applicable for both commercial and residential buildings. Other residences can qualify as well. The main requirements are basically for it to be in a fixed, single address, acting as a place of primary residence. This is good news for people who live in trailer parks, houseboats, RVs, and even sheds. You can still avail of decent savings on your solar power installation.
Why Does it Need to be Connected to Standard Power Lines?
Due to solar panel’s incredible ability to absorb light sand heat energy and transform it into usable electricity, you usually end up getting more than you need. This is where backup battery cells come in handy. However, if your structure is still connected to the power grid, the excess energy can be pumped back into the grid via the power lines. When this happens, you’re circulating clean, renewable energy for others to use. Best part? You are paid for this via feed-in tariffs – monetary compensation for the extra power.

If, however, you’re living in a movable structure and you opt for stand-alone power, you can make arrangements with an agent to broker your excess power and get you the best price possible for a solar energy rebate.

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