The Switch to Solar Energy And Is It Worth It?

go solar energy and reap its long term benefitsWith all the recent environmental movements popping up, there is a cry for power plants to switch to solar energy and other green alternatives. Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels on your home helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel.  That is why hundreds of homeowners are now looking into installing their own solar panel systems. The big question, however, is if it’s worth it.

Recently, a survey was conducted across Australia. The results show that 9 out of 10 Australians did consider or were considering switching to green alternatives. While there were a lot of factors affecting their decision, the biggest motivation was financial. Cutting electricity bills, government-mandated rebates and incentives, and profit through feed-in tariffs were all extremely attractive benefits.

But money-related benefits aside, what else is there if you wer to go solar?

Believe it or not, choosing to go solar over fossil-fueled energy controlled by electric companies opens up a world of opportunities and advantages for you and your household. Here are just a few of them.

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couple discussing solar energy and its benefitsGo Solar and Enjoy Less Utility, More Stability

Since we’ve already touched up on it, let’s start with the obvious. Choosing solar energy and cutting yourself off from the grid can greatly reduce your power bill. Because sources of fossil fuel are suddenly dwindling, electric companies have no choice but to up their prices which, in turn, eat up your budget. Going green means not spending your money on nonrenewable sources of energy.

Virtually Indestructible, Infinitely Renewable

Nonrenewable sources like coal or oil are slowly growing scarce. In fact, studies show that our coal reserves will be depleted in 40-50 years if we keep burning through it at the pace we are now. The sun, on the other hand, isn’t going to be running out any time soon. It’s been warming the Earth for a billion years, and you can be sure it will keep cooling – and powering – your house for a few billion more.

Install Solar, Increase Home Value

Again, since alternative energy is all the rage nowadays among homeowners, market studies show that installing solar panel system for your home can actually increase its market value. People and families looking to buy a new home love the idea of a solar system reducing heating and cooling costs. If you want to crunch numbers, the residential value of a property rises an average of $20 per dollar deduction in the utility bills per year.

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Rebates, Tariffs, and Incentives

At least 66 countries worldwide have a renewable energy target to reach yearly. Australia is no exception. In order to reach that target, government-mandated incentives such as solar power rebates have been put in place to encourage people to switch to green energy. The kickbacks and financial coverage from these can help offset the initial cost of solar panels; perfect for people who have the will but not the budget to go solar. You can also receive payment for any excess energy that you pump back into the grid through feed-in tariffs offered by your local utility company.

The Greener, The Cleaner

green energyRenewable source of energy are also cleaner sources of energy. Obtaining these sources give off very little harmful gas, if any at all. Solar systems also don’t give off the toxic fumes and high carbon dioxide emissions that power plants release every day, which is good news for the health conscious and the extremely sensitive. After all, it’s called green energy for a reason.

So, in the end, is going for solar power worth it? If you need further or more convincing factor, take a look at these statistics. The number of solar panel systems installed in Australia has risen. A decade ago, there were only a little over 1,000 reported installed systems. Within the last year alone, more than 200,000 systems were installed. Don’t get left behind, dependent on the grid and strangled by rising energy prices. Invest in cleaner, greener energy and live life lighter, today!

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