Solar Cost Has Never Been This Affordable When You Go Solar

Solar Cost – Cheaper Than It’s Ever Been

How much does a solar panel system cost? How much are the overall expenses, plus solar installation and miscellaneous fees? How much will I save? How long before the system pays for itself? Is this investment going to pay off, or will I lose money on it?

If these questions sound familiar, that’s great! It means you’re one of the few people thinking of switching over to solar energy. The questions concerning finances and solar cost are understandable and to be expected. After all, couple decades ago, pv systems were priced well beyond the budget of an average homeowner. Nowadays, however, things are a little different.

Thanks to the solar industry booming, solar panel prices are more and more competitive. They’re the lowest they’ve been in years. Plus, the government’s offering incentives and rebate programs for people installing pv panels. There are more payment options available and feed-in tariffs as well. Simply put – if you’re worried about the cost of solar panels, don’t be. In the long run, it will come out cheaper than conventional power costs.
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It might be a little hard to crunch numbers, as prices and fees depend on a lot of factors. For instance, bigger houses or properties will definitely need bigger systems to power all their needs. Smaller pv systems are cheaper, but they’re only good for a specific size and type of property. It’s important to choose the right system of your household. You don’t want to end up with too much or too little solar power.
Another factor would be the household’s specific energy needs. Ten people living in a house will definitely eat up more energy than two people. Along with the size of the property, average energy consumption should also be accounted for. And then you have the person’s region. Location is also a factor. Some areas are sunnier than others, and that will definitely have an impact on the system.

There are more than just three things to take into consideration when figuring out what system to get and calculating its solar cost. For more information and answers – and even a free assessment – why not give us a call? We here at Solar Panels Adelaide are available to answer all your questions. One of our experienced installers will be more than happy to head over to your home and give you a realistic solar quote and estimate.
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While waiting, we can give you several pieces of information to keep in mind. Just enough for you to have a rough picture of your investment. As stated, solar panel systems are at the cheapest they’ve ever been. An average 1.5 kW pv system would cost around $6,500 right now. However, thanks to government-mandated solar energy rebates, you can pay as low as $3,500 for it. That’s practically half the price! More examples: a 5 kW pv system can go as high as $12,000. Add in incentives you qualify for, and the cost can be dropped all the way down to $7,500.

If you want to go solar, you’d need perhaps a system between 3 kW and 5 kW. These systems are big enough to produce an acceptable amount of energy, but small enough to not smother you in solar. Again, it hugely depends on your property size and household energy needs. You could be living in a modest one-story house but have eight people fighting over sockets and appliances. Or you could have a decent-sized 2-story area, but it’s just you and your two parents. These things are very variable dependent. If you’d like to go solar and would want a more accurate solar estimate, remember: feel free to give us a call. We’ll help you out and give you more precise estimates, no problem!
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However, research and studies agree that whatever your photovoltaic system is, it’ll take about 6 to 8 years for your investment to pay off. Thanks to payment plans, you can pay the absolute minimum per month, with no investment! Also, thanks to the fact that Australia’s soaking in sun, you won’t have to worry about the system ever running out of juice.

The initial payment for your solar power system may be a bit daunting, but take our word – and the word of a lot of satisfied customers – for it: it’s worth it. The incentives and rebates alone are enough to cover you for a good while, and the zero-interest payment options are lovely on the pocket. The solar cost is worth it in the long run. Just think; savings every month (from not paying the energy bill), cleaner energy circulating, immunity from power outages. If you really think about it, now is the time to invest! So drop us a line. We’re ready to answer all your questions!

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