Renewable Energy Sources Benefits

Benefits Of Renewable Energy

Seeing as we’ve been dependent on the grid for energy for a pretty long time, feeling a little tentative about switching over to renewable energy is understandable. 

While the solar energy concept isn’t exactly new, it hasn’t become a popular clean energy alternative until the last couple of decades or so. 

To set your mind at ease, here are a few detailed benefits of renewable energy. Once you read it, we here at Solar Panels Adelaide feel you’ll be booking your solar installation arrangements really soon.
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Virtually Infinite Source of Energy
While there are a couple of theories about what will happen if ever the sun stops shining, chances are that’s not going to happen in a few million years. Same goes for water and wind – two other sources of renewable clean energy. The oceans are rising and the wind never has been – and never will be – in danger of disappearing. The more you look at it, depending on these three sources – sun, water, wind – for your energy makes much more sense that depending on a fallible grid. Fossil fuels are expected to run out within the next 60 to 80 years, while you can be sure your great, great grandchildren will still get to feel the sun on their face and the wind in their hair. So make the change, stay one step ahead of everyone else, and choose your green home now for that ultimate energy efficiency!
High-Quality Environment, Healthier Public
There’s a reason it’s called “clean” energy. Obtaining renewable energy doesn’t give off the poisonous fumes and toxic emissions that fossil fuels do. These fumes are believed to be linked to various health problems such as cancer, heart complications, asthma attacks, and so on. The sooner we make the switch to renewable sources of energy, the sooner we lessen the risk of exposure to these immunity-system-busting gasses. What does this mean for the business- and corporate-minded? Reduced amount of sick leave and overall healthcare expenses.
Not a Factor in Global Warming
Everyone’s heard of global warming nowadays, if not from Al Gore then from some other source. It’s a fact; carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses are polluting our planet’s atmosphere. There’s too much for the Earth’s natural cooling and filtration systems to handle, leading to a whole avalanche of side-effects. By trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, these emissions have led to worldwide spike in temperature which, in turn, has created a domino-like chain of events.

Thanks to the rising temperature, the icecaps in the Arctic and Antarctic are melting, causing two environmental concerns – the amount of water in the oceans are increasing, and the habitable areas of the ice floes are decreasing. This is bad news for polar bears, penguins, and other arctic animals that can’t swim around forever. The oceans rising also present another problem. What happens when the next tsunami or hurricane hits? Science can only guess, but the figures don’t look too good. And we’re not even going to begin discussing the adverse side-effects that come with inhaling all those greenhouse gasses.

Electricity and energy from fossil fuels is estimated to contribute about one third of the world’s global warming emissions. What about renewable energy? As stated in the second fact, these sources produce less greenhouse gas emissions, if any at all.
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Renewable, Resilient, Reliable
Different types of renewable energy, such as solar and wind, are more dependable than fossil fuels. Since they are distributed and modular, renewable energy sources are less prone to large-scale damages and failures. Severe and unpredictable events – like a sudden change in weather conditions – can abruptly cut off hundreds of thousands of homes dependent on the grid, while renewable power sources are much more resilient and can weather most damage.
New Jobs in Abundance
Renewable energy requires more hands-on labor, whereas fossil fuel technologies are large-scale and almost fully mechanized. While that may seem like a disadvantage, it’s actually not. The renewable energy industry hires between 200 to 400 people every year per every 10 megawatts of solar power generated. They are always looking for new researches, installers, and manufacturers, which is good news for people looking to get hired.

These are just some of the benefits that come with switching over to renewable energy. There are over a hundred other advantages. Take independence from the grid, significantly reduced power bills, access to the environmentally-conscious government’s rebates, guiltless nights knowing you’re doing your part to preserve our planet, profit after initial investment in your solar system, and more. So what are you waiting for? Switch over to clean, renewable energy for your residence or your business, and you’ll see why everyone’s talking about it!

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